Lake Oconee KISS Fishing with Grandkids

Lake Oconee Kiss Fishing with Grandkids is not about “kissing” fish! Go ahead, ask the question, What does “KISS” mean???” KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid! The last post I did was based around Lake Oconee fishing from your dock. A relatively simple way to get friends and family involved in the fishing experience without ever leaving your property.  However,  should you desire to get out on the lake and try some fishing from the boat this article explains one of the simplest ways to do it. We call it Lake Oconee KISS Fishing. We started doing this with our kids when they were small and now we are fishing with the Grandkids.

Lake Oconee Fishing with Grandkids

Fish 'em & Kiss 'em!

With Kids and Grandkids it is about catching fish!! That’s why we have become Lake Oconee KISS Fishing folks. It’s about feeling that line tighten up and then trying to keep that fish from shooting to the bottom that makes fishing fun. Believe me it is not about catching a “wall hanger” or the state record.  It’s about “fishing” and family fun on Lake Oconee. Kids just love action, and our Kids and Grandkids just love getting up at dawn and getting out on the lake.

Lake Oconee Grandkids KISS Fishing

Lake Oconee Grandkids Ready to KISS Fish!

Lake Oconee has a huge Striper, White Bass and Hybrid population.  From this point on we will just call them “striped” fish as the White Bass, Striped Bass and Hybrid Bass all act the same and are very hard to tell apart. When you get into them you will be catching them all.  These are great fish to catch and a lot of fun.  They fight hard and are a challenge to get in the boat. A striped fish’s favorite food on Lake Oconee is the “shad”, a bait fish that roams the lake in schools as the striped fish do.  The striped fish search the lake endlessly to find their favorite food – “shad”.

So the first thing to find is a bait that resembles the shad.  There are all kinds that will work, but don’t forget this is the Lake Oconee KISS method of catching fish on Lake Oconee.  Think SILVER for Lake Oconee striped fish!!  Silver Crank Baits will work for KISS fishing.  There are better baits and rigs for certain conditions, but don’t forget this is Lake Oconee KISS fishing.

On this trip we used the silver shad rap with the black back and the chrome rattle trap with a blue back.  Both traditional catchers on Lake Oconee.  In fact if I had to pick one lure to use forever on Lake Oconee it would be the shad rap.  Over the years I have caught everything in the lake with it. The rest of the fishing gear is all traditional bass gear. Medium action spinning outfit or bait caster with 12 lb test will do fine.

Lake Oconee Kiss Fishing with Grandkids

Stripers & Hybrids & Bass, Oh BOY!

Lake Oconee Grandkids KISS Fishing

Girls Can KISS Fish Too!


Swivels are a must as Lake Oconee KISS  Fishing involves trolling to locate the fish.  I will usually throw a spinning outfit with a Flexi Spoon or silver Cast Master tied on into the boat in case “I” get a chance to fish. Throwing this lure into a school of striped fish can be some real action. When the sun is on the tree tops this method of fishng works best.

We love to fish on sunny calm mornings. Evening sunsets also work. There are probably many scientific fishing reasons why this works. But who cares… this is Lake Oconee KISS fishing and we just wanna have fun catching fish.
The striped fish on these days will tell you where to fish.  Simply looking at the water for swirls and thrashing fish will point the way. You can also watch the sky.  Our Ospreys, sometimes called fish hawks, fish for a living.  When you see them sailing over an area, that is where the fish are.  On the morning of this catch we had two Lake Oconee Ospreys fishing with us. Watching them dive and hit the water and come up with a fish is amazing in itself.
Striped fish are “schooling” fish.  Rarely will you find just one fish in a spot. They roam the lake in schools. Trolling a suspected area will help locate the school.  Once you catch a fish that spot will hold more fish. At that point you can cut the motor and cast to the spot.  Wear yourself out!  Or you can use the KISS Fishing method and troll back and forth through the spot, which is what we do most with the grandkids, (encouraging an 8 and 10 year old to throw lures around can be hazardous to an old fisherman’s health!).
Lake Oconee KISS Fishing

Grandkids Love KISS Fishing!

If you are interested in a lesson in learning more about Lake Oconee KISS Fishing or in KISS “Fishing” for Properties on Lake Oconee,  Call Pat or Ed, for a personally guided tour Today! Good Luck with Lake Oconee KISS Fishing!
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Lake Oconee RE/MAX Realtors Pat and Ed First to Use QR Codes to Sell Properties!

Lake Oconee RE/MAX Realtors Pat and Ed are the First to Use QR Codes to Sell their Properties. QR codes (quick response) are an innovative, Smartphone accessible tool, which can enhance the exposure of Sellers listings.   QR codes are a way to send information to mobile devices, such as a smartphone, using its camera to take a picture (scan) of the code.

Pat and Ed at Lake Oconee RE/MAX are savvy users of technology and will invest the time to provide the optimum exposure for their Seller’s properties. Posting these QR codes on their signage, flyers, online marketing, Pat & Ed offer Sellers the cutting edge of technology to reach more Buyers in the marketplace.

How Do QR Codes Work?

Much has changed in the world of real estate in recent years. The influence of Internet technologies has given buyers and sellers new ways to come together. If you’ve been through the home selling process before, it’s more important than ever to pick the right real estate professional.

In the present “down” real estate market, you want an agent who will use the Internet to your advantage. As action-oriented Lake Oconee real estate agents, Pat & Ed fully understand how today’s technology can help Sell your property in the most optimum timeframe. Our Lake Oconee Website allows Buyers to easily search thousands of current listings to locate the properties that best fit their needs. It’s a great tool for home buying, and free to use.

Call Pat & Ed Today and find out how QR Codes can work to Sell your property! Let Us Be Your 1st Connection for Lake Oconee Real Estate!

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Lake Oconee Entertainment, Dining and Shopping Tops the Charts!

Lake Oconee entertainment, dining and shopping tops the charts in one convenient location at Lake Oconee Village. I can tell you from first hand experience that it is quite a delight to have more of these amenities available. When we first started coming here in 1980, the lake was THE only attraction. Endless, winding, curvy dirt roads  finally leading to the lake. From Stone Mountain Ga, we loaded up our truck,  the kids, the dog the cat and, of course, groceries and headed to Lake Oconee.  It was definitely a group effort getting it all together, (yea, like a team of one…me!)

So, like the Beverly Hillbillies, we “trucked on down the road”, singing, chattering and anticipating the gorgeous serenity that soon would be ours. Away from the rat race and spending quality family time together was our goal. Quickly we figured out that serenity and quietude was the name of the game. There wasn’t anything or anyone else!  Our house was the first to be constructed in our lakefront location. You could hear the tree frogs, crickets, night owls,whippoorwills, and any night critter howling at the moon. All was right with the world!

Long story short….there were no grocery stores except a little local establishment, which carried a limited supply of most utilitarian items. Of course, it was 14 miles away. In other words, you had better bring everything you could think of that you wanted to eat for the weekend. Of course there was always that all important ingredient that we forgot to bring that absolutely had to be a part of the recipe, like the milk for the homemade ice cream!! So, off to the “town” someone (me) would go.

Oh, did I forget to tell you that we didn’t have cell phones then? So, of course, the other item we forgot to bring, (like the hot dog buns), had to be forgotten or, yes you guessed it, another trip to the gro store! Now, driving 14 miles doesn’t seem like much when you come from the big city of Atlanta…except when you only have two days to spend at the lake. Then driving 28 miles round trip more than once kinda cuts into your play time.

Now we have everything we need to prepare our meals and get on with the business of having fun, right? Outside to water ski, swim, boat, and basically enjoy life. Sounds good, huh?  Yep, it was all good. But, we’re getting hungry now and it’s time to prepare the meal. Holy smokes!  Who forgot the charcoal??? Our stove hadn’t arrived yet so we cooked all our meals on the charcoal grill then. Grrrr! Nothing to do but to go out and eat.

WHAT, no restaurants??

Fast forward to Today (2011)…we have Publix and an Ingles grocery stores, we have tons of restaurant options, we have a Home Depot, we even have an 8-plex movie theatre for goodness sake!  And, we have a stove!  All is Right with the world!

Lake Oconee Entertainment

Lake Oconee Village Spotlight Theater

8-Plex Movie Theater at Lake Oconee Village. Concierge level with full bar and restaurant. Meeting facilities also available.


Lake Oconee Villages Restaurant

Lake Oconee Villages Amici's Italian Restaurant

Amici’s offers gourmet pizza, pasta dishes, subs, salads, wings and full bar.


Lake Oconee Waterfront Restaurant and Marina

Lake Oconee Waterfront Restaurant and Marina

Lake Oconee Marina with Docks and Gas Pumps

Lake Oconee Marina with Docks and Gas Pumps

Granite Shoals Marina & Restaurant with boat docking and gas pump facilities. The restaurant fare is seafood, sandwiches, salads, and sports bar.

Lake Oconee's Home Depot

Home Depot at Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee’s  Home Depot is conveniently located right off of I-20 and Exit 130.

Publix at Lake Oconee Village

Lake Oconee Village Publix

Publix located 8 miles south of I-20 and Exit 130 in the Lake Oconee Village Shopping Center, where there is also a Subway, liquor store, Post Net store, Verizon store, hair salon and nail salon.

As you can readily see, Lake Oconee’s entertainment, dining & shopping options have certainly improved from “the old days”!  I hope you will have the opportunity to come and see what Lake Oconee has to offer soon!

We have seen it all happen and know the ropes! What better way to search for Properties on Lake Oconee than with the “lake dwellers”, Pat and Ed who have lived and breathed it for 25 years!! Give Us a Call Today and get your “starter kit” for Lake Oconee!

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Lake Oconee Waterfront Richland Creek Turkey

Lake Oconee Waterfront Turkey struts across the road in Richland Subdivision. After having spent years on I-285 in Atlanta traffic jams it may be interesting to some to see the Lake Oconee version of a traffic jam.  Recently, I just happened to go to our new waterfront listing in Richland Subdivision to take some pictures and ran into this “Big Ole Lake Oconee Tom” strutting by the tennis courts.  I was compelled to stop and video the experience through the front windshield of the car. He really is as big as he looks!


We have a bunch of Lake Oconee Richland property listings we can show you that are not turkeys!!

Lake Oconee Richland Creek Home for Sale

View this Lake Oconee Home For Sale

Call Us For Appointment to See All Lake Oconee Waterfront Properties (and Turkeys)!

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Lake Oconee Ga Attracts Fish and Grandchildren to Its Friendly Waters!

Lake Oconee Ga attracts fish and grandchildren to its friendly waters! Every year we get to “host” our G-children for a week. It’s a very rewarding (albeit exhausting) experience on all levels. Below are thirteen reasons for grandchildren to visit Lake Oconee:

#1. Grandparents’ Hugs and TLC

Lake Oconee Granchildren Love

#2. Fishing with Grandparents (grandpa baiting hooks and untangling lines, ouch!)

Lake Oconee Life

Lake Oconee Fishing with Grandchildren

#3. Tubing, Water Skiing, Knee Boarding (til Grandparents drop!)

Lake Oconee Kneeboarding
Lake Oconee Granchildren Waterskiing Success!
Whooo Hooo, I did it!!
#4. Being without parental supervision! (Hey, what can we get away with???)
Lake Oconee Fun!
#5. Rock Jumping!

Lake Oconee Rock Jumping

#6. Exploring new territory (horses, goats, cows, turtles, frogs, hiking, rock collecting.

Lake Oconee Activities

#7. New experiences. (for, both grandchildren and grandparents!!!!). Cleaning the boat after enjoying a long day on the lake.
Lake Oconee Granchildren Helping Clean the Boat

#8. Spending quiet time with grandparents, (???)

Lake Oconee is Relaxing for Granchildren

#9. Grandparents’ Hugs and TLC (yes, this is repeated), while waiting for 4th of July fireworks by boat.
Lake Oconee 4th of July Kiss


#10. Shopping, dining and enjoying local attractions with grandparents. (Loved the Buttermilk Pie at Yesterday’s Cafe in Greensboro)





Lake Oconee Attractions


#11. Picnics by boat (P’Nut butter/jelly sandwiches, boiled p’nuts and cookies!!).

Lake Oconee Granchildren Fun

#12. Bonfires lakeside at days end with Hot Dogs & marshmallows.

Lake Oconee Granchildren Bonfires

Lake Oconee Bonfire at Days End

#13. Relaxing on the deck lakeside after a long day on the lake, (while Grams serves snacks!!). Playing games & watching the graceful Hummers!

Lake Oconee Granchildren Chill on the Deck

Lake Oconee Hummers


I’m sure you will agree, and as you can see, we are in love with our grandchildren who bring us great joy during their trips to visit us at beautiful Lake Oconee.

If you want to share these wonderful times with your grandchildren, give Pat or Ed a shout! We are experts at every facet of the living experience on Lake Oconee. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the peace and serenity of living and “playing” here. Let Us and Lake Oconee help attract fish and grandchildren for YOU!


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Pat and Ed Okenica
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Lake Oconee Area Residents Chant “Move That Bus!”

Lake Oconee Area Residents Chant “Move That Bus!” as the Extreme Makeover Home Edition and local volunteers put finishing touches on a new home for a Madison family. The Emmy-award winning show “Extreme Makeover” has come to our area to embrace and enhance the lives of a 5th grader, Aniah Rucker and her family. Aniah lost a limb in an accident trying to save her sister from being hit and killed from an oncoming vehicle.

Lake Oconee Hosts Extreme Makeover

Lake Oconee Area Residents Chant "Move that Bus!"

It is heartwarmng to see a community like Madison and surrounding Lake Oconee residents who are rallying around this family both financially and emotionally.  All in hopes their efforts and this opportunity will give the Rucker family the step up needed to help Aniah face a lifetime of physical modifications that are sure to come.

Lake Oconee Area Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Does this look familiar to the old Tom Sawyer tale?  Pat Okenica, Lake Oconee RE/Max Realtor says, “Oh, this looks like fun, can I try it?” Sure, go ahead!” See ya later!

Falcon Cheerleaders Lake Oconee

Atlanta Falcon Cheerleaders engage the crowd!

Thousands join together to cheer on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition who are constructing a new home for a deserving Madison family.

Madison Rucker's Arrive at their new Home

Rucker Family Arrives Home

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Madison Ga

Move That Bus!

What an incredible sight to see. All the Lake Oconee area residents, realtors, business people and familes supporting this cause.  Just another wonderful episode in the life of the Lake Oconee Area Residents.


Submitted by:  Pat and Ed Okenica
Lake Oconee RE/MAX Realtors

Submitted by:
Pat and Ed Okenica
RE/MAX Agents Realty – Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee Golf is “Fore” Everyone to Enjoy!

It’s no mystery why Lake Oconee Golf is “fore” everyone from the avid golf enthusiast to the beginner. Many youngsters have hit their first balls on the driving ranges of 5 of the most world renowned courses in the country. Lake Oconee offers a wide variety of courses for every experience level. The mild climate lends itself to being a golfing mecca in Georgia.



Who would think that world class golf courses like Reynolds Plantation, The Landing, Great Waters, Harbor Club, & Cuscowilla would be plunked right, smack dab in the middle of “cow” country? It’s simply an amazing sight. The Lake Oconee golf courses are well known for such notable architectural designs from Ben Crenshaw, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, Fuzzy Zoeller, Tom Fazio & Reese Jones. Offerring anywhere from 9-27 hole courses, the Lake Oconee golf venues are a “must see” destination for sure!

Lake Oconee Golf communities are the ideal setting for a weekend golf getaway or retirement destination. With it’s close proximity to Atlanta and 5 lakefront golf communities to choose from, Lake Oconee is a prime destination for golf enthusiasts in Georgia.

If Golf is your game, bring your favorite “sticks” to Lake Oconee.  Find out first hand why Lake Oconee Golf is “fore” everyone. There’s no doubt you will never forget this  “hole in one” experience! Beware, you might just Come for the Day and Stay for a Lifetime!

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Fishing On Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee is home to prime Georgia lakefront real estate located between Atlanta and Augusta. Lake Oconee fishing is some of the best in Georgia.  We are fortunate that when the lake was built every effort was made to protect nature and enhance the fishing experience on Lake Oconee.

Measuring The First Big Catch

It started with fishing plots and flooded standing timber. This type of structure still holds fish to this day.  Fishing plots were created by anchoring timber to the lake bottom before it was flooded providing a protected  home for the many species of fish in the lake.


Most of the fishing plots can be found on old maps but are no longer marked by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). See a boat fishing over an open area, mark the spot as they are most likely on an old fishing plot.

The second man made fish attractor for fishing on Lake Oconee is the flooded standing timber.  These are all marked for safety reasons these days and are quite obvious choices for fishing success.

You don’t have to be a pro to go fishing on Lake Oconee. Some of the most fun can be fishing from your dock.

This has always provided fun and entertainment for our family and friends when they come to visit.  The lake is full of Large Mouth Bass, Stripers, Hybrids, (a cross between stripers and white bass) Crappie and various species of Catfish.

This sport fishing population is supported by an abundant supply of shad and bream.  We have at one time or another caught all these fish from our dock.

I am quite surprised by the number of buyers we have had that are unaware of the terrific experience of fishing on Lake Oconee.

They have often asked, “how do we catch fish?”  Simple, follow these steps:

  • buy two cheap uncomplicated fishing outfits, preferably a closed face spinning outfit
  • some hooks
  • some weights
  • and a couple of bobbers

This should set you to get the catch of the day but remember you also need to get your poles ready:

  • Rig one pole with a weight and hook.

The idea here is to fish the bottom.

  • Rig the other with a hook, a split shot a foot above the hook and a bobber about 3 – 4’ above the hook.

The idea here is to fish the bait somewhere between bottom and the surface.  Bait the bobber rig with a minnow and the bottom rig with a night crawler. Cast both off your dock and wait to see what happens.

One of our clients uses this technique and catches fish all the time. When asked what they caught, they simply replied, “fish” and they had a great time doing it.

Another client tried my technique the first weekend they were on the lake.  When we visited to see how they were doing with their new purchase, they were proud to announce they “caught a big fish”.

When I asked what it was they replied they didn’t know, but they had a picture and maybe we could identify it.  Well I looked at the picture and had one comment; “It’s a lot easier to identify a fish before you cook it, not when it is pictured on a dinner platter”.  Anyway, they ate it and said “it was delicious”.

Our kids, grandkids, relatives and friends have spent hours on our dock enjoying fishing on Lake Oconee.  This is great family fun, and can be continued into the evening. Shining lights into the water around your dock will also attract more fish.

Nothing better than sitting on your dock on a comfortable summer night chatting with the crowd, your favorite beverage in one hand  and catching some fish.

Try this simple approach to fishing on Lake Oconee and if you enjoy it, then go out and get your Bass Boat to chase the big ones.  Come and have fun fishing on Lake Oconee.

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Pat and Ed Okenica
RE/MAX Agents Realty – Lake Oconee


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Discover Lake Oconee Where Georgians Enjoy Life!


When it comes to a relaxed lifestyle and recreational living, Lake Oconee has become Georgia’s property destination. Georgians have long yearned for a recreational escape located in close proximity to major cities, and Lake Oconee has certainly caught their attention.  Located just off I-20 east of  Atlanta,  1 hr west of Augusta and 45 minutes from Athens and the University of Georgia, this lake is a relaxing spot offering as much or as little activity as you wish.

Lake Oconee has been the second largest lake in the state of Georgia since its 1979 creation by the Georgia Power Company, with 19,000 acres of water and 374 miles of prime real estate shoreline. An established water level is maintained year round, which allows for stationary docks providing full-time use of the lake.

Beautiful Lake Oconee is overflowing with possibilities. You’ll discover an incredible abundance of wildlife. With the area being touted as a wildlife preserve, deer, geese, raccoons, turkey and many other animals roam about freely. It is not unusual to spot deer drinking from the clean, clear water, or to see a family of raccoons fishing or bathing in the lake. Canadian geese paddle in and out of the  fingers of Lake Oconee, and the lake is so full of fish that you can very often see them jumping out of the water.

Lake Oconee is a prime real estate location and a property owners’ lake, with protective covenants and zoning ordinances. Original planners set most of the lakefront aside for residential frame or masonry construction. As a result, each separate community will have it’s own, similarly valued properties.

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